SAFE has been supporting rural poor community since 2002 as Community development service of the National University of Rwanda’s former students of the Faculty of Agriculture before changing its status from a programme to a fully-fledged development organisation. Following the experience and strong learning from its successful Programme, FAIR (Fertilisers for Agricultural Intensification in Rwanda) decided to upscale its Programme – Sustaining Agricultural development for a Food secure and Economically developed Communities (SAFE) by registering it first in District offices and then under Rwanda Governance Board in its process to legalise its status as a local NGO in Rwanda. The first implemented projects were focussing on building capacity of farmers in Agricultural intensification, Cooperative management and very little on marketing. Progressively, the organisation changed from Project to Programme and then to holistic development addressing the root causes of poverty while integrating agriculture, nutrition, climate change response and inclusive markets development through implementing projects in the communities and searching, developing, testing and disseminating both technological and economical solutions to other change agents or stakeholders