SAFE provided Chickens to 200 Women of Kirehe District to accelerate their Poultry Enterprises

In partnership with IFAD, SAFE (Sustainaible Agriculture for Food Security Economic and development) has implemented the project entitled “Accelerating progress towards economic empowerment of rural women in Rwanda” within which it has empowered 200 vulnerable household headed women with poultry businesses (known as Tunga Utunganirwe)


1st activity: Training on poultry rearing management outcomes.

Beneficiaries must be aware to basic consideration before starting poultry rearing and basics to selection suitable location of henhouses.

  • Beneficiaries must know Poultry house design, importance of chicken house, different equipment and its importance in daily poultry management.
  • Beneficiaries were trained on chicken feeding importance and requirement in mixing chicken feeds by using locally available raw materials.
  • Beneficiaries were trained on proper feeding and identification of disease presence in poultry industry, prevention and routine vaccination protocol.
  • Chicken rearing as business.

Lesson learnt

  • Beneficiaries are aware to poultry rearing basic requirement before starting poultry enterprise.
  • They have understood importance of poultry houses and equipment.
  • They know common diseases of poultry, its prevention and routine vaccination control.
  • Beneficiaries know how to adopt laying hens as a common business.

2nd Activity: Support on construction of ten henhouses: beneficiaries show ownership by helping builders in providing water and bricks

SAFE provided supporting materials to construct their chicken house such as Iron sheets, Nails and cement. Each group was assigned with a builder while beneficiaries gave a hand by collecting materials such as bricks, water, etc.

3rd Activity: Chicken delivery to 200 vulnerable women aggregated into 10 groups

To empower rural women in terms of economy, SAFE provided 600 laying hens with starting feed to 200 vulnerable women headed household gathered into ten groups located in six sectors (Kigina, Kirehe, Kigarama, Gahara, Nyarubuye, Nyamugali) of KIREHE District.


SAFE has constructed a chicken feed processing unit and installed a milling machine which has the capacity to produce 5 tons of chicken feed /day. This will facilitate beneficiaries to access easily chicken food


SAFE is an exciting organisation, established as a multisectorial think tank which has a vision to change lives through inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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