SAFE have developed a new knowledge based and multi staged approach - using Stage Gate Business Development Model - of supporting farmers cooperative enterprises toward sustainability and following standard business practices. For this, a Sustainability Enterprise Tool was developed and has the flexibility to be tailored to specific context / sector of the client / cooperative’s interest. This Tool covers 5 Sustainability Dimensions of Cooperative Growth (Foundation, Capital Structure, Financial Health, Value proposition to Farmers, Value proposition to market, and Governance) and is useful to:

  • Rank Cooperatives according to their performance in each dimensions,
  • Identify growth gaps,
  • Recommend strategies for growth to both Cooperative and Cooperative Supporters (BDS, or NGOs).

To take it to scale, SAFE’s Business Advisory Center for Cooperativeshas partnered with CCOAIB and Rwanda Cooperative Agency to develop and roll out the Coop Index, a set of standards indices / indicators to be measured on annual basis to all Cooperatives registered in Rwanda beginning in year 2015.


SAFE is an exciting organisation, established as a multisectorial think tank which has a vision to change lives through inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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