SAFE is conscious that Climate change poses a major threat to value chains and livelihoods of smallholders (suppliers) and healthy lives (nutritious food: quantity, quality: Composition & safety) of consumers in current and future generations.

All market actors especially Farmers and agro-processors need to invest in climate smart production and processing systems to improve and maintain yields, productivity, production and quality, at the same time to mitigate or adapt climate change effect.

 SAFE, a leader and pioneer of the Climate smart agrifood systems in Rwanda and Burundi, works directly with farmers and agro-processors to assess climate risks and identify technological and business-led adaptation solutions.

Through AdaptIT, SAFE offers an opportunity to increase value chains resilience to climate change by investing in sustainable practices at production, processing and business levels such as Water conservation, Soil erosion control, Carbon sequestration, reduction of GHG emission, waste water treatment and Carbon Recycling.